Stupid vs Adventurous: Did I Do the Right Thing?

Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 11:50am:

It’s hard to tell when an idea I have is stupid and not well thought out, or if it’s a part of the “spontaneous and adventurous” life I’m taught we should all experience. These ideas have become much more frequent now that I’m dedicating all my time to photography, so how do I know if I’m just getting older and crazier or if this is a part of the job title?

I want the photo at Seacliff Bridge at Coalcliff. And the reason I say the photo and not a photo is because there is nothing new about the shot I want. Seriously, just Google “Seacliff Bridge” and you’ll see what I mean. Every photographer and their dog have this shot. One of the rules I try to stick to is not to shoot the obvious; find a unique perspective. My understanding of this location is there’s not a lot of variety, and every option there is has been photographed to death. But I can’t help but still want that shot. I don’t know, maybe I just want to be a part of that photographers’ club that has the famous photo so I can say “Hey, me too!”

So, why don’t I just go and get it? Coalcliff is about a 4-hour drive away. To make it really worth it, I’ll have to drive up there for a sunset, camp the night in my car, and do a sunrise mission too. It’s going to cost me about $100 in fuel and my car needs its 60,000km service, and as a full-time photographer without a regular income it’s a pretty foolish venture. And just because I make the trip doesn’t mean I’ll get the shot, either.

One the flip side of the coin, the weather looks like it will be good conditions for what I want. That’s almost enough reason for me to do it.

I don’t know if my doubts are my adult brain making smart observations, or purely conditioning I’ve taught myself about what I think being responsible means.


Friday, 9 March 2018, 6:49pm:

I still haven’t made up my mind whether I made the right decision. I ended up making the drive. I attempted to shoot at sunset but nothing spectacular came about. I figured I had enough to at least give the shot some post processing love, but it didn’t really go off like I hoped. However, facing away from the sunset is always hit and miss.

I think the reason I’m unsure is because I feel a bit empty after it. Usually after I get a decent photo I’m either relaxed or excited, feeling accomplished even if all I had to do what point a camera at a thing and click a button. But this time, I don’t really feel anything. Nothing bad, nothing great. In the end, I came away with an image I’m rather please with. On the flip side, I spent a lot of money I didn’t need to. As much as I’d like to not focus on money and enjoy the experiences of life, as a living adult it’s something I just can’t do fully.

I think there’s smart ways to live life, and there’s spontaneous adventure. Can the two be the same thing? Yeah, probably. But I feel like you’re allowed to do a few dumb things in life without anyone questioning it. I feel like that trip was one of them. One thing I know for sure: a shave, shower and teeth brushing never felt so good!

I’ll let you decide whether or not my spontaneous adventure was worth it.

Sunrise over Sea Cliff Bridge

Sunrise over Sea Cliff Bridge